About Us

[vc_row][vc_column][bunch_welcome_to_havana upper_title=”YOU DESIGN, WE DELIVER!” title=”Welcome to ArchLite Services” text=”You have spent time forging relationships, growing your company, and maintaining a solid reputation. There are certain aspects of the business where you excel…and then there is production. This phase is downright challenging in our industry. ArchLite clients typically have dynamic staffing needs and are often forced to downsize when work slows or intensely staff up when jobs suddenly come in. This is extremely stressful for everyone. You started your business because you are a creative – not because you wanted to become a manager.

As mentioned, we are your secret weapon in the war of profitability. Keyword: “Secret.” All deliverables, including source files (AutoCAD/Revit), are branded with your company information. There is no trace of ArchLite, other than the comfort and confidence that you will never be short staffed or deadline delinquent again.

ArchLite is an elastic outsourcing production team where you only “pay as you go.” You determine the amount of support and the financial cap of our involvement. Solid quotes are established prior to start of work and “not to exceed” limits are always put in place. We believe that your satisfaction will be guaranteed by defining clear parameters and predictable schedules.

We are selective of our clientele and not everyone is a fit.

Let’s talk and see how we may change your situation. You would be surprised at what our team can do to help.
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Archlite is an Architect-to-Architect business. Your production point of contact is an industry respected Board Certified Architect and NOT a sales representative. We are insatiable about Quality Control to ensure that your deliverables are according to specification and produced on schedule. We know you have heard of services like ours before, but we differ through our intense internal quality assurance procedures. Finally, we can provide you daily (24/7) progress of our work through a secure Web portal.
” text2=”Christmas Every Morning!
At the beginning of each day, you will be able to review what ArchLite has accomplished the night before – while you were sleeping. You can take the whole day to make modifications or redline deliverables as necessary.

Our cost is typically 50% below what you would pay if you kept the job in-house. Each and every project is different, so contact us for a free consultation. We guarantee our work and mutually agree on timelines. If we don’t keep you happy, we have no right to be in business with you. No Excuses.